Make Your Own Bird Food

Today is , have you fed your birds today?

Sure you can buy wild bird food, but there are hundreds of family
handed-down homemade bird food recipes you can easily make
on your own, and we'll show you how.

Many of these homemade bird food recipes include ingredients you
likely have laying around the house.

Most backyard birds will eat many things.
The recipes listed for each bird are some of their preferred food selections.

The information within this web site is free for your use.  Enjoy!

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Your Bird Food Recipe

Most of us, at some point, have fed our backyard birds from recipes we learned from our friends or family, and by using food commonly found in our house. 
Have you ever put out an orange slice for your Baltimore Orioles?  How about spare bread crumbs for your House Wrens?  No doubt, you have put out Hummingbird sugar water!
Part of the usefulness of this web site can come from you.
If you have an old family favorite bird food recipe, and you do not see it already listed, please contribute to our library.
Your fellow bird lovers will thank you!
We will only list your FIRST NAME as the contributor of the recipe IF YOU REQUEST IT.  We will NOT include your last name or email.




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Make Your Own Bird Food